Confidentiality NDA

Patent Law & Venture Group, LLC, is registered with THE UNITED STATES PATENT & TRADEMARK OFFICE and operates under strict government rules of conduct and confidentiality to which allegiance has been pledged and followed from 1994 to the present. Therefore all client information and derivatives thereof is stored and used in strictest confidence by our employees and associates. We follow the “Need To Know” protocol whereby information is disclosed to an employee only when a need to know has been clearly demonstrated.

The 1998 Data Protection Act came into force on March 1, 2000. The Act provides for protecting the rights of individuals and organizations when their private information is disclosed to others. A common procedure includes having a Principal of the receiving organization sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) binding the organization. See a sample NDA here.

Employees that have signed our company secrecy agreement (CSA) are automatically bound. A CSA is a legal contract between employer and employee laying out binding terms and conditions that prohibit the employee from further disclosing company confidential and proprietary information. Employees are warned that violations carry a severe penalty.

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